Trent Montessori Staff

Jan Haas, “Mrs. Haas”, is the Owner/Administrator of Trent Montessori.

Jan has a BA in Sociology/Early Childhood from Hanover College and her AMI (Association Montessori International) Certification.  Jan started Trent in 1981 with 4 students.  Jan enjoys traveling, reading. camping, and antique mall shopping. Jan, along with her husband, Eric, and their three adult children: Lan, (Katie), Ryan, (Kate),  and Erin, (Kraig) all Trent graduates and six grandchildren. She enjoys spending time together at their lake house….”No Worries”.

My favorite part of leading such a wonderful group of teachers is when I see them truly loving their job and putting their time and attention into meeting each and every child’s needs.   Whether it is holding a child until a parent arrives, making Valentine’s cards because the parent forgot, going the extra mile to see that the child has just the right lesson to help them “get it”, calling the parent and letting them know that their child is ok, and looking out for each other.  This is what makes our school so very special with extremely special and loving teachers.

Erin Haas Eckstein, “Mrs. Erin”, is the Lead Directress in the Morning Montessori Class and the Administrative Assistant.

Erin has a BA in Elementary Education from Hanover College and a Montessori Certification from the GCCME (Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education).  Erin has been a Montessori student from birth through 6th grade.  This is Erin’s 12th year at Trent.  She enjoys photography, soccer, hiking, shopping, crafting and traveling.  Erin, along with her husband, Kraig, and sons, Oliver & Declan, enjoys taking walks with their dog, Copper through town.

The part I enjoy most about teaching is seeing the children experience a love of learning each day. The beauty of the Montessori philosophy is a child will learn through self-directed discovery, a lesson from a teacher, observation or peer lessons. I love to witness the confidence, independence and self-esteem growth that comes through an older child giving a younger child a lesson. My goal as a Montessori Directress is to assist, direct, encourage, support, and aid in each and every child’s love of learning.

Jenny Adams, “Mrs. Adams”, is the Lead Directress in the Afternoon Montessori Class.

This is Jenny’s 13th year at Trent and 14 1/2 years teaching Montessori.   Jenny has her Montessori Certification from GCCME (Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education).  Jenny enjoys shopping, watching sports and walking.  Jenny, along with her husband, Kevin, and their three daughters, Maggie, Madeline, and Charlotte enjoy spending time together at the neighborhood parks.

The part I most enjoy about teaching is seeing the children grow over a 3 year period and teaching them to love and respect one another.  Watching the children gain self-confidence in themselves and the work they do.  My goal as a Montessori Directress is to meet the child’s needs each day and to make sure they feel loved.

Cheri Helton, “Mrs. Helton”, is our Extended Care Coordinator.

This is Cheri’s 34th year at Trent.  Cheri enjoys scrapbooking, gardening, photography, camping, hiking, and spending time with my kids and grandchildren.  Cheri, along with her husband, Doug, has three children: Kristin, Joshua, and Caleb who are all Trent graduates and three grandchildren.

My favorite part of teaching is coming to school and seeing each child’s smiling face.  Trent has truly become my second home and has filled a place in my heart because of my own children being grown.  I am truly blessed to have had so many children in my life.

Jenny Frey, “Mrs. Frey”, works with our Full Day Kindergarten children and in the Extended Care.

Jenny worked at Trent many years ago.  Jenny graduated from GCCME and taught in a Montessori classroom for 14 years.  Jenny along with her husband, Michael, and son, Chris enjoys baking, playing board games, and taking walks.

My favorite part of teaching is seeing a child’s face light up with pride when a new concept “clicks”.

Alisha Macnamara, “Mrs. Mac,” is our Montessori Classroom Assistant.

Alisha has a BA in Early Childhood Education from Cedarville University. This is Alisha’s first year at Trent as she just graduated and moved to the area. Alisha, along with her husband, Austin, love to travel, renovate their home, hike, camp, explore new parts of the city, and take their puppy on walks. 

The part I enjoy most about teaching is getting to know each child on an individual level, knowing their interests and things they love helps me to better reach them in their learning.

Rian Wellman, “Mrs. Rian”, is one of our Primary/Kindergarten Teachers.

This is Rian’s 2nd year at Trent. Rian has her BA in Elementary Education from NKU. She has been a long term nanny for a few Trent families and has cared for the elderly. Rian, along with her husband, Alex, have two cats and a dog, are hoping to adopt another cat, and live in Burlington.

My favorite part of teaching is getting to know each child.

Amber Spicer, “Mrs. Amber”, is one of our Primary Teachers.

This is Amber’s 1st year at Trent. Amber has a BA in Social Work. She has worked as a director in an early childhood center, teacher, social worker, and substitute teacher. Amber has three sons and lives in Newport.

The part of teaching that I enjoy most is seeing the children smile and laugh each day. Every day is a new adventure.


Anna Lynne, “Miss Anna” is one of our Toddler Directresses.

Anna graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in Family & Consumer Sciences and is completing her GCCME Infant/Toddler Montessori certification.  This is Anna’s 3rd year at Trent and she is a Trent graduate. Anna loves spending time with Dan and their four children: McKinley, Madison, Mia, and Millie who are all Trent students.
My favorite part of teaching is seeing the children’s face light up when they have learned something new 🙂

Daleina Cowman, “Ms. Daleina” is one of our Toddler Assistants.

This is Daleina’s 1st year at Trent. Daleina has a BS in Family Science & Child Development from Miami University. She has worked at McGuffey Montessori, Goddard School with 12-18 month olds, and most recently as a nanny to a 15 month old. Daleina lives in Erlanger.

My favorite part of teaching is seeing the smiling faces of the my students through out the day. When I walk into the classroom, my focus is purely on making sure the students feel safe and confident in the classroom so no matter what, they go home happy, telling their parents just how much fun they had that day.

Alyssa Thomas, “Ms. Alyssa”, is one of our Toddler Assistants.

This is Alyssa’s 1st year at Trent. Alyssa has worked as a nanny, provides assistance for an elderly person, and lives in Cincinnati. Alyssa plans to go to college and study Early Childhood Education.

My favorite part of teaching is getting to know the kids and watching them learn new things.

Heidi Malone, “Mrs. Heidi”, is one of our Toddler Assistants and Substitute.

This is Heidi’s 1st year at Trent. Heidi has a BS in Physical ED/Health from NKU. She has worked as an assistant at Rainbow Preschool, as a supervisor at the Carmel Swim Club, supervisor for the PE Department, and served as a nanny for an infant. Heidi, and her husband, Ron have three grown children and live in Cold Spring.

My favorite part of teaching is seeing their faces light up when they figure out how to do something all by themselves:).