Parents’ Comments

Comments from Parents and Alumni

Nice to receive reports every few weeks

I feel they love my child and try to work with him and do what is best for him

Keeping an open line of communication and for being emotionally supportive during breakdowns

Reliable and consistent staff

The teachers at Trent are beyond amazing and have made our experiences over the years unforgettable.  Thank you for all you do for the students at Trent!

Thank you for loving our children and giving them a strong foundation for the rest of their education but more importantly the rest of their lives.  We cannot thank you enough!

We have loved our years at Trent!  I love and appreciate the independence and initiative that have been fostered in my children with tons of respect and TLC!!!

I hope the teachers know how much they are valued and how important the work they are doing is!!!

I love the education that my daughter is getting in the areas of academics, life skills, manners, and social skills.  The staff are wonderful as well!!

We appreciate the written feedback that we receive through happy notes, “look at what I’ve been doing”

My child started reading.  We could not believe it.  She has a passion for it and I give most credit to Trent.  We love that our daughter is learning so may amazing things and so rapidly.  She loves reading and learning.  I give Trent all the credit for not only teaching my child but also teaching her to love learning.

I feel that we are well-liked and respected.  The teachers always listen to our suggestions and concerns.

Trent is a close-knit, loving atmosphere.

Keep up the great work!

The staff is very friendly and respectful.  They are always open to suggestions.

The best part of Trent Montessori is the teachers.
The tuition rates reflect the quality of service we receive…..worth so much more than we pay!

Trent is a welcoming place that cares for and does a wonderful job with my child!

My child’s teacher has helped me most by teaching my child to follow structure & procedures and to listen to directions.

Awesome job!  Keep up the good work.  We are very happy with how things worked out—my child LOVES Trent!

My child’s teacher has helped me most by listening our questions and concerns about our child’s progress.

Happy how independent our child has become.  Our child tries so hard to complete tasks at home with minimal frustration.

What I like best about Trent Montessori……small size, education for the whole family,  The Trent “Family”

My child’s teacher has helped me most by giving feedback during parent conferences.  I also feel that I am informed of her progress during other times of the year, which is nice because it is relevant, timely communication.

I wish my child’s teacher would be with her after Kindergarten!!:)

The teachers are always professional and respectful.  I feel comfortable talking to them about anything.

A recent incident that made me feel good about the program was……all of the singing of the songs that my child does unprompted & all the time.  🙂

My child’s teacher has helped me most by……talking to discuss things with me face-to-face & giving updates on my child’s progress.

Trent Montessori embodies a true respect for children & to a natural fostering of children’s development.

I hope we conveyed how happy we have been with our child’s experience!

We love Trent!

What I like best about Trent Montessori:  growth, progress, rules. Limits, great setting

Very positive & loving

What I like best about Trent Montessori:  The loving, caring environment.  The approach to learning.  A truly special “gem” in our community.

We feel our child will be prepared for 1st grade.  Hard to believe that this is our 3rd Trent graduate!  🙂