Toddler Montessori Program

The Montessori toddler environment is set up to aid the child in an exploration of all aspects of their life.  This exciting time in a child’s life requires the development of self-care, language (social/emotional), and lots of movement! This is also a time in which many toddlers are away from home for the first time. We believe that creating a warm, home-like environment with nurturing staff will ease the transition for the children thus creating a safe “home away from home”. The toddler environment will be equipped with beautiful and didactic materials that teach the child independence, concentration, and a connection to the outside world.  A Montessori toddler environment allows a child to work and explore the material at his pace, allowing for the development of concentration, independence, as well as a sense of pride.  Our goal is to actively engage in allowing each child to explore his need for discovery through a safe and beautiful environment while learning how to socially interact in a respectful way with his/her peers and Directress.

You may contact the school to set up a tour before or after sending in the registration form & fee.  Observations are not part of the Toddler Program.

The calendar year will follow Trent’s calendar.

Two blocks from Trent – St John’s United Church of Christ, Corner of Park Ave & Nelson Place.

18 months to 36 months.

Children who turn 3 by August 1st would not be eligible for Trent Toddler as they would be old enough to enter the 3 to 6 class.  As children are ready, and if/when there is an opening at Primary, they would phase into one of the classrooms.  Toddlers are placed in one of the Primary classes based on the available space for Montessori Only/Full Day, class composition, and Toddler & Primary teacher recommendations. 

12 children with 2 teachers per class.  6 to 1 ratio.

Classroom snacks are provided by Trent.

LUNCH–provided by parents

**It is not safe for children who are younger than 4 years of age to be
offered hot dogs, whole grapes, nuts, popcorn, spoonfuls of peanut
butter or chunks of raw carrots or meat that could be swallowed whole.**
Please do not send these types of food to school in your child’s lunch
box if they are under 4 years of age.

Additional information will be provided.

If a child becomes ill during class, they will be removed from the classroom and the parents will be notified immediately.  If a child is taken directly to a doctor’s appointment they must bring a doctor’s note, stating that they may return to school, if they return on the same day. Do not send a child to school when any of the following symptoms are present or have occurred within the past 24 hours.  FEVER, SORE THROAT, DIARRHEA, UN-DIAGNOSED RASH, VOMITING, EXCESSIVE COUGHING, AND/OR EXCESSIVE NASAL DISCHARGE.  If your child becomes sick at school one day or has been sick during the night they should NOT be sent to school on the following day.  A 24-hour isolation period should be observed.  The child may return to school when the symptoms have completely disappeared and they have been fever-free (without mediation) for 24 hours.  Only physician-prescribed medication is allowed and it must be properly labeled and the Medication Consent Form filled out before it can be administered.


Trent Montessori Toddler 2023-2024 Tuition
$50 Registration Fee (1st year)
$100 Intent Form/Supply Fee (each year after)
Montessori Class Only
8:45 am – 11:30 am – Limited Spaces Available
Per Year
1 payment due Aug 1
$6450 $-150 $6300
Per Semester
2 payments due Aug 1 & Jan 1
$3225$-65 $3160
Per Month
10 payments due Aug 1 thru May 1
$645 $-10 $635
Montessori with Extended Care
7:30 am – 5:30 pm – Hours as needed
Per Year
1 payment due Aug 1
$9700 $-150 $9550
Per Semester
2 payments due Aug 1 & Jan 1
$4850$-65 $4785
Per Month
10 payments due Aug 1 thru May 1
$970$-10 $960

For More information about a Montessori Toddler Program you can view this video:

Photos of our Montessori Toddler Classroom