General Information

For Toddler Information see the section on Toddler.


A registration form and fee are required to be placed on the waiting list.  Children must to completely potty trained prior to starting school.  Parents are to do an observation of the class and an interview with a parent and the child precedes formal acceptance.

AGES  3 years to 6 years


All sessions run from September through May.  Kindergarten children begin in mid-August.  New Student Phase In is done in late Aug./Sept.


The morning class is Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 11:45 am.


The afternoon class is Monday through Friday from  12:45 pm to 3:30 pm.


This program provides care for students requiring all-day supervision. Available Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. until 5:30 P.M., including the morning or afternoon Montessori session.


Trent Montessori is located in a 1900 Victorian house in the Mansion Hill district of Newport, Kentucky at the 3rd Street exit off of the I-471 (Big Mac) Bridge.  Southeast corner of 3rd & Park.

Call the school between 8:00 am and 8:30 am if your child is not coming to school.  Please leave a message on the recorder if no one answers.  We are very busy in the morning and will not be able to talk with you before school.  We will return calls during a time when we are free.

If a staff member hears a child discloses abuse/neglect, they are required by law to make this disclosure reported to the proper authorities.  The Administrator of Trent Montessori will make the report and keep copies of the report in the child’s file.  All conversations will be documented and kept in the child’s confidential file.

The children will be going outside almost every day unless it is raining or very cold.  All children should bring a jacket for days when it is needed.  Please put your child’s name on coats and jackets.  Please have your child wear clothes that they are capable of managing themselves while attending to their personal needs.

Trent Montessori is now a NO CELL PHONE ZONE!
We want to be able to communicate with you during drop-off and pick-up.  You are entrusting us with your most precious “gift” and we ask that you refrain from using your cell phone during this most important time of the day.  We thank you but most importantly, your child thanks you!

Due to the fact that we have 2 classes, you will need to take it upon yourself to stay in touch with the school through our means of communication.  A newsletter will be sent home with your child approximately 4 times a year.  More frequent reminder notes will be sent home as they are needed.  Each Friday, your child’s canvas bag will be sent home with their work for you to see.  Please return this Monday. (These bags are for your child’s use.  If they are lost or abused, there will be a $5 replacement charge.)  In the Extended Care area, we will post items on the bulletin board and may also put notes in the child’s cubby which you are to clear out each day.   Communication to your child’s Directress or to the Administrator should be done in writing or by phone call, please call and leave a time when we can return your call.

The procedure for drop-off and pick-up for the Montessori classes involves entering the drive around off 3rd street and pulling all the way around and up to the sidewalk.  The staff will come to your car to get your child at this location.  Please keep your child in the car until you have come up to the first spot and a staff person is ready for your child.  This procedure works very well in helping the child make the transition from the home environment to the school environment.  If your child is resisting, crying, etc., we will take your child into the school and call you if it remains a problem.  You would be surprised at how quickly they calm down and get involved in activities once they get into the school and see all the other children.  We ask that you do not come into the school at this time, as it usually creates a disruption of the class.

If you arrive at any time other than the beginning or end times of either class, you will need to follow the Extended Care procedure.  The children are dropped off and picked up at the back door and taken by the parent into the school.  Please refrain from picking up during the afternoon rest time between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm, if at all possible.

Please arrive on time and pick up your child on time.  Being prompt shows your child that you feel their school is important.  It is VERY important that you drive SLOWLY in front of the school.  Remember there are children present during arrival and departure times.  Do not allow your child to “drive” through the car line.  This is extremely unsafe.

A well-marked complete change of clothing: socks, underwear, shorts, or pants, and top.  These will be kept at school for the entire school year.  If your child is enrolled in the Extended Care  Program (7:30 to 5:30) they will need to bring 2 complete sets.  It does not matter if the clothes match.  An old set is perfectly fine.  Every child must have a set at school at all times.  Please replace clothes as needed.

We do plan a few field trips during the school year.  These field trips are for the 4, 5, and 6-year-old children.  Some may be scheduled for all children.  We also use a variety of outside resources to accompany the topic that we are studying.  We encourage parents to invite community leaders to visit our school.  Parents are asked to volunteer their time in assisting on some field trips.  All children and adults are required to wear seat belts.  Children are not permitted to sit in the front seat and must sit in their own approved car seat/booster seat.

All forms including the Immunization form should be sent to school by the first day of class.  The Immunization form MUST be in the school office or your child will not be allowed to attend.

If a child becomes ill during class, they will be removed from the classroom and the parents will be notified immediately.  If a child is taken directly to a doctor’s appointment they must bring a doctor’s note, stating that they may return to school, if they return on the same day.  Do not send a child to school when any of the following symptoms are present or have occurred within the past 24 hours.  FEVER, SORE THROAT, DIARRHEA, UNDIAGNOSED RASH, VOMITING, EXCESSIVE COUGHING, AND/OR EXCESSIVE NASAL DISCHARGE.  If your child becomes sick at school one day or has been sick during the night they should NOT be sent to school on the following day.  A 24-hour isolation period should be observed.  The child may return to school when the symptoms have completely disappeared and they have been fever-free (without mediation) for 24 hours.  Only physician-prescribed medication is allowed and it must be properly labeled and the Medication Consent Form filled out before it can be administered.

We request that each parent observe their child during the school year prior to their Parent/Teacher Conference. You may call the office to set up an observation spot.  Our observation times are Monday through Thursday: 9:15 to 10:15 for the A.M. Montessori class and 1:00 to 2:00 for the P.M. Montessori class.  Parents will have 1 formal conference and more if the Directress deems this necessary.  These conferences are required and held in November for returning students and in January for new students.  We hope that both parents can attend both the observation and conference.  Parents who come to observe the class may schedule a second conference.  Phone conferences may also take place during the year.

We believe that we have an excellent program and we believe in a continuous improvement process.  We want your ideas and comments throughout the year.  Also, at some point during the school year, we will ask you to complete an evaluation form.

We encourage as much parent involvement as possible during the school year.  We have a few parent meetings, Parent Share Month, field trip volunteers, party helpers, school picnic, etc. to see that you become involved in your child’s first school adventure.  During the last month of school, we have an outdoor mini-carnival which we call Play Day.  Parents help set up the game booths and then assist the children in the various activities.

In order to provide for the safety of your child, we must abide by certain policies and procedures.  We will provide two Emergency Contact Cards for you to fill out at the August Information Meeting.  This card lists the names of people who have your permission to pick-up your child, their phone numbers, and a place to write in a password.  This password will help our staff if an unfamiliar face shows up to take your child.  All children must have a password marked on their card.

Also, children entering and exiting through the Extended Care area must be signed in and out with the staff.  Never leave your child without checking with a staff member.  Again, this only applies when your child is arriving or being picked up at times other than the beginning or end times of either class.

In the event that we must close due to bad weather Trent Montessori will be announced in the list of schools on radio station 550 WCKY & 700 WLW and TV-Channels 5, 9, and 12 News.  Some of these stations list the closing on their website.  PLEASE watch your TV for the closing. during the morning hours.  There is no tuition adjustment due to school closings.


Friday is “Movie Day” for the children in Extended Care.    Children’s show used during lunchtime transition and occasionally during class for topics related to the curriculum.

An important part of the Montessori Philosophy is the care of others and the environment. To help the children in this awareness, we have the “sharing basket”. It is a way for the children to share with others and beautify the environment. We ask that each child take ONE DAY of the school year to fill the sharing basket. Your child will bring the basket home on a Thursday or Friday and should return it to school the following Monday.

To fill the basket we ask for the following 5 items:

1. Snack for your child’s class for one day.  NO PEANUTS/TREE NUTS allowed.  (The School will provide a snack for the remaining days) Please make this something simple and pre-packaged. We encourage you to enlist your child’s help in the selection. In addition to this snack, you are welcome to send in a birthday treat on your child’s birthday or 1/2 birthday.  Please limit birthday treats to Original and Double Stuf Oreos cookies, gummies, vanilla wafers, goldfish, or Pringles.

2.  A bouquet of fresh flowers that the children will arrange and place in the classroom.  Kindergarten children may choose to bring a plant or flowers.

3.  A picture of your child’s family.  This will be shared and kept at school for the entire week.

4.  A box of tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, or something for a class project, etc.  This will be specified when you receive the basket.

5.  A book to share with the class.  This can be one of your child’s books or one to be given to the school.  The book will be placed in the “book corner” for the week and then either returned or donated to the school library.  Please make sure that your child’s name is on the inside cover regardless of your intention for returning.

We will place a sign, on the front door, stating that the class has begun.  Please walk your child to the back door.  Your child will then join their class at an appropriate time as to not bother the beginning of the class.


Transportation is provided by parents.


Over the years, parents have asked for ways that they can help during the school year.  You can become actively involved with your child’s school experience.  We hope that you will find something in the following list that interests you.

TEACHER APPRECIATION COMMITTEE:  2 or 3 people from each class to help organize teacher birthday and teacher appreciation week activities.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: This group would plan activities to get the families together after school hours.

GARDEN/OUTDOORS COMMITTEE: This group would help take care of the school gardens and help with snow removal from the sidewalks.

CLASSROOM PHOTOGRAPHERS: These people would take pictures of their child’s class and activities for our scrapbook.

SCRAPBOOK COMMITTEE:  1 or 2 people from each class or organize or compile a scrapbook for each class.  This may be digital or traditional.

PLAYGROUND HELPERS:  These people would help supervise the children during their time in the playground.

PARENT SHARE MONTH:  In March, parents are invited to come to class and share a special interest, occupation, hobby, or talent.

MATERIALS ASSISTANT:  This person would be asked to do simple material-making tasks.

ANIMAL SUPPORT HELPERS:  This animal lover would help the staff by providing extra care for our animals when needed.

Halloween (not for new parents)
Valentine’s Day
Play Day/Picnic
Spring Program/Graduation (not for Kindergarten parents)
Treats for all Holidays