Enrollment Info

Primary Enrollment Procedures

Children may be registered as soon as the parents know the sex of the baby.

Parent calls the school to set up Observation before or after sending in Registration Form.  The Observation is for parents only.
When the school receives the Registration Form and fee the family is contacted through e-mail and informed that:
1.  A spot is reserved for the child pending the interview
2.  The child is placed on the waiting list for the appropriate entrance year and the parent will be contacted if/when there is an opening.
3.  School contacts parent with an offer for the child’s entrance based on the Registration form request.
4.  Parent responds to offer
5.  School sets up an interview for the child with a teacher and the parent meets with the Administrator.
6.  School confirms offer and child is placed in the Morning Montessori Class, Afternoon Montessori Class or Montessori/Extended Care Class.  Once the child begins Trent they will remain in the same Montessori class until they graduate from Kindergarten.  There are no Montessori Class changes once they begin school.
7.  Parent confirms placement acceptance.

Eligibility requirements for entrance to Trent Primary
Children may begin Trent when the following conditions have been met:
Child is 3 yrs old.
Child is completely potty trained.  Being completely potty trained means that the child knows when he/she needs to go and can wipe themselves independently.
Child has successfully completed their interview.

Registration Form