Toilet Learning: A Natural Step Towards Independence

Toilet Learning: A Natural Step Towards Independence

Toileting is a significant part of the toddler curriculum. At school, children are invited to sit on the toilet at every diaper change. The teacher simply asks if they would like to sit on the potty, then respects their decision either way. There is no pressure or rushing. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere where the children feel comfortable enough to begin this important transition. Just like learning to walk, this will happen when the child is ready.

Stand-up diapering is also done at school as often as possible. This takes practice on the adults part, but enables the child to participate in the process of undressing and dressing, giving him ownership over what is happening to his body. We recommend using correct terminology when referring to body parts and elimination. Taking the time to wash hands after every diaper change/toilet use is another important step in the routine.

Please read the handout for more information and don’t hesitate to ask Anna or Stephanie if you have any questions. By sharing this approach to potty training between home and school we can support the children with this step toward independence. Consistency is key! 

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